Safe, durable playground fiber matting


Addoco develops durable wood playground mulch that provides for a cleaner, safer surface. Where sand can get into kids clothing our mulch stays on the playground surface. And it provides a stable resilient surface designed to reduce a child’s potential for injuries on playgrounds.

Addoco’s playground mulch is wood fiber, custom ground through our wood grinder using special baffled screens. This playground mulch meets or exceeds the Consumer Protection Safety commission requirements for shock absorption and wheelchair accessibility.

For Safety, the suggested depth of Playground Mulch on a playground is 12” deep, state regulations vary.

Addoco's playground mulch is:

  • 100% natural wood fiber with no other contaminant
  • Wheelchair test approved for ASTM spec. F1951-99
  • Impact test approved for ASTM spec. F1292-09
  • Fiber matting requires minimal maintenance and is less costly than other synthetic surfaces.
  • Designed for multiple uses, ranging from playground areas to jogging trails and can outline display areas.